Luca Venezia x Bruichladdich: Terroir Matters Video

June 27, 2014 BY WE ARE THE MARKET

You may not be contemplating the provenance of the whisky you’re drinking, but since you are (probably) the kind of person who sweats the details of your shoes/coffee table/hair/pasta/life, you probably should be. At least that’s what new York-based DJ/international cool dude Luca Venezia believes.

The man behind Curses! and Drop the Lime, who knows a thing or two about a fine tipple, has been a fan of Bruichladdich (brook – laddie) whisky since he discovered the brand last year. Naturally, it’s small batch, locavore, artisanal and all that good stuff—made from the same stills since 1881, etc. And, it’s badass – Luca’s favorite, Bruichladdich Black Art, comes in a black, super goth bottle.

Luca and the filmmaker Philippe Grenade recently visited the Bruichladdich distillery on the island of Islay, where the whisky is made using only local ingredients. They visited Farmer Brown, dug some peat, smelled the air, felt the vibes, sang some songs and hung out with the locals. And, because it’s 2014, they made a film about it! Check it out here. A longer version can be found here.