'Loose But In Time' (Part Three) from Damaged Goods Zine

March 19, 2014 BY HEIMPLANET

The brand behind the most incredible tent you'll ever travel with (read: it's inflatable), has created a video series called "Loose But In Time" with the publication Damaged Goods Zine. DGZine is an independent mag based in New Zealand, which chronicles surf-culture through photography, film, writing and art. Check out the final installment below. - MS, WATM

See part one here and part two here.

'Loose But In Time' (Part Three) from Damaged Goods Zine on Vimeo.

'Loose But In Time' (Part Three)

Our final installment… The ‘Loose But In Time’ roadtrip with DGZ and Corona NZ featuring Ellis Ericson, Troy Elmore, Jason Salisbury and Asher Pacey |

FOOTAGE | Tom Smith, Nick Herd, Jereme Aubertin

EDIT | Tom Smith

MUSIC | The Clean, Outside The Cage , Fish, All Those Notes, Point That Thing Somewhere Else