Live from (capsule) NY: Tailored Outerwear

January 20, 2009 BY CAPSULESNEWS


CIMG0960.jpgTailored Outerwear

As much as the lumberjack look is still going strong, many brands at (capsule) are veering towards a more tailored design for outerwear.

Ditching the puffa and polar fleece lines like Buckler and Lova are offering up a classic Chesterfield while Carlos Campos has whipped up a modern topcoat with leather detailing and a peacock blue satin lining.

 On the more informal tip Wrath Arcane has a bomber cut jacket with additional detailing to admire and B.Son has a thick pullover with a lush double collar offering a bit of privacy or simply a break from the wind, rain or snow.

- Cator Sparks