Live from (capsule) NY: Sweater Story

January 20, 2009 BY CAPSULESNEWS


CIMG0948.jpgAfter almost a week of perpetual snowfall and icy weather, the abundance of thick and cozy sweaters found here at (capsule) are welcome additions to any buyers order form. With nods to the knitting skills of the Aran Isles of Ireland and the graphic patterns of the Fair Isles of Scotland the United Kingdom is being heavily featured for fall 2009.

Besides the big Aran Isle knits found at Buckler, Norsea, Mjolk and Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, Fair Isle was on the scene albeit in various forms. Our Legacy took the subversive route and turned their sweater inside out to reveal a more abstract pattern. Velour added an exaggerated collar to give their sweater a bit of edge and Creep added their dash of pattern on the sleeve for the more minimalistic winter wardrobe.

Strike up the fire, pour a tipple of Jameson and roll out the bear skin rug - Cator Sparks

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