Let The Mavens Be Your Guide

April 27, 2012 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Mavensay is your new go-to site for trusted recommendations in all the areas you never want to ask the barneys on Yelp about.

The time has finally come in which you no longer have to sift through a barrage of reviews by middle-aged mothers who got dirty glances from the young pretty waitress at the new wine bar on their corner and proceeded to rant about it for ten paragraphs on the internet. Mavensay is a new recommendation site that runs on user-generated content driven by passionate people who care about spreading information for the best outlets in all things culture. From music and movies, to fashion and travel, to restaurants and apps--Mavensay is the fast and easy way to get new ideas about where to go, what to eat, and things to do.

It's greatest virtue is its character restriction on recommendation lengths. Users--or mavens, are limited to a 70-character one-off the site refers to as "micro recommendations." This is only half the length of a maximum-capacity tweet, meaning the personal anecdotes and superfluous details that generally come with user-generated recommendation sites have no place on Mavensay. But anyone with a drive to succinctly spread the word about something specific they feel the rest of the world needs to know about can become a Maven.

Co-founders Mike Wagman, Jesse Dallal, and Bryan Friedman started the company together after feigning enthusiasm for their corporate careers. Wagman and Dallal were lawyers who picked up and left their firm to enter the wonderful world of online entrepreneurship feeling that there has been a massive hole in quality online sources for site-specific recommendations. And although these three gents are the brains behind the operation, the face of the site is slightly larger and hairier than any of the founders can claim.

Fred is the bear pictured above, and we got to know him one lovely afternoon when he came in to the BPMW Showroom to sip Campari and talk shop with us. Fred gave us the low down on his favorite spots in NYC where he resides, and we liked his company and guidance so much, we've invited him back every Friday for a casual cocktail and his weekly thoughts on three spots to hit up during the weekend. He hit on some real gems this week and wants our readers to have the chance to give their feedback too. Thanks to Fred, you can all become mavens just by clicking here. He also made a video about how the site works and what he likes (and doesn't) about it. Note: this video contains bearist content that may offend some large forrest mammals. Watch the video and see Fred's first weekly recommendations below.

Fred's Picks for the week: 1. Restaurants - Jack's Wife Freda, a new bistro up the street from Cafe Select, order the Greek salad. 2. Fashion - Norse Projects, casual sportswear for every season. 3. Music - Grimes, Montreal-born breakout artist. Watch her video for "Oblivion."

Fred the Honey Maven from Alan Poon on Vimeo.