Lena Corwin's New Book Is "Hands On"

September 27, 2013 BY WATM


Artist Lena Corwin has a new book coming out next month! Made By Hand is based on classes and workshops held in Corwin's Brooklyn studio on crafts like dyeing, weaving, and printmaking, just to name a few. The book includes a "best of" section, which is a collection of 26 workshops taught by her and her artist friends. It also boasts stunning visuals with simple imagery, shot by photographers Maria Alexandra Vettese and Stephanie Congdon Barne. The techniques Corwin outlines are simple, beautiful, and easy to mimic with her step-by-step guides and tips. The book offers a very personalized experience, which makes readers feel like they have the teacher in front of them, telling them what to do. Corwin's previous book, Printing By Hand details specific techniques on printmaking; it served as somewhat of a precursor for Made By Hand, which also set the scene for Corwin's first classes held in the studio.

Check out Corwin's book, coming out in October and make sure you keep an eye out for her home collection for Urban Outfitters, which is set to be released next June.

Lena Corwin's MADE BY HAND – Book Trailer from Lena Corwin on Vimeo.

[Photo via Lena Corwin]