Leave the Corporate Card at Home

January 21, 2015 BY STEVE DOOL


Headed to Paris for Fashion Week (or Capsule Paris Men's show)? Let us give those of you traveling on the company dime some friendly advice: while Paris is littered with enough bars and nightclubs to keep even the most jaded business traveler occupied for days (or nights), you may want to think twice before swiping that corporate card at these nightlife spots, unless you don’t mind submitting a potentially uncomfortable expense report.

Titty Twister
5 rue de Berri, 8ème


This club off the Champs-Elysées is named for a mythical Mexican bar, and inspired by New York-meets-LA style. But seeing that name in neon lights is eye-catching no matter where you’re from.

Dirty Dick
10 rue Frochot, 9ème

I don’t know who the titular Dick in question is, but his namesake Pigalle Tiki bar inspired one clever Yelp user to make his own “stiff drink” pun, presumably before high-fiving himself and yelling “Nailed it!”

Sherry Butt

20 rue Beautreillis, 4ème


In the immortal words of Steve Perry, “Oh, Sherry.” This two-year-old bar in Bastille has an appreciation for two simple pleasures in life, declaring that it offers “cocktails and whisky. What else!!?!” Consider us sold.

69 rue des Gravilliers, 3ème

d8c24a63351ce63fcc7b764ab2eb4d66331ff825.jpgPeople have been entering through the rear of an existing cocktail bar to get to this restaurant since 2008.It’s decorated to look like an apartment, so make yourself comfortable back there.

Hard Rock Café
14 boulevard Montmartre, 9ème


Dining at the Hard Rock while you’re in Paris won’t get you into any awkward situations with the finance department, but it’s still really embarrassing for you to admit you came to Paris and ate at the Hard Rock.