Launching: Stitching Sole

December 10, 2015 BY CAPSULE


When one thinks of Taiwan, one generally thinks of mass-production, as promoted by the ubiquitous “Made in Taiwan” tagline that's on just about everything. But there are a handful of creators, retailers and designers who are out to change that perception.

Launched in 2015, Stitching Sole is a Taiwanese shoe label that is looking to bring craftsmanship back to mind when thinking about Taiwan, and to establish Taiwan as a well-known, high quality shoe manufacturing country like Italy. The brand works with local artisanal shoemakers to handcraft the collection using traditional hand-sewn construction techniques, and contemporary shoe designs.

For its debut collection launching at Capsule, Stitching Sole is layering and stacking design concepts on 3 different shoe lasts for 10 unique dress shoes. Using bold colors and unusual shapes and details, Stitching Sole is presenting a new image of Taiwanese design and craftsmanship.

"Our goal is to make new patterns for classic dress shoes, and to showcase the excellent craftsmanship of shoes of Taiwan, " says founder Jenmau Liau.