Launching at Capsule: House Dress

September 15, 2016 BY CAPSULE

ef3783ea49960c49a5288af244b221f89b775804.jpgHouse Dress focuses on considered design, simplicity and ease. We offer a unique “size free” approach to dressing, focusing on layerable, generously proportioned silhouettes. We use beautiful, unusual materials like raw silk noil and akoya shell buttons. Our designer’s California roots inform the effortless feel of the collection, while her time in New York has inspired its modern and functional aesthetic. Made by women, for women, who dress for women.


When designing the first House Dress collection, the designers thought about their favorite movie, Picnic at Hanging Rock, which tells the story of a girl gang of Victorian students picnicking on an eerily beautiful rock formation outside of Melbourne. "We love the whole sensibility of the film: the muted beige and cream palette, the austere, otherworldly setting, the sultry heat of the summertime, the languid all-female cohort lazing about, eating, exploring and ultimately being swept up in a mysterious disappearance. We like to think of the first collection as a modern translation of that feeling," they told WATM.


See the launch of Housedress NY at Capsule this weekend.