Talking Pop-Up Shop Tips with The Lionesque Group & Shopify



You can never have enough great business tips. The Lionesque Group is one of the leading agencies engaging in brand activation and pop up shop architecture. They co-hosted a talk about successful pop up's last night. Read on to learn everything you need to know about your temporary storefront. - MS, WATM

Last night we co-hosted a Let’s Talk Pop-Ups Meetup with Shopify at the Roger Smith Hotel. The audience was filled with emerging brands and small business owners, all looking to leverage short term retail in a physical space to grow their online presence.

From purpose to execution, we covered location, design, POS management, strategic partners and marketing.

Here are a couple key questions that came from the audience and our answers:

Average cost of setting up pop-up store?

Answer: This is a tricky question to answer, as there are so many variables that impact budgeting. But while we can’t given an average without at least assessing the brand, industry category, goals and inventory, here is a checklist of budget items to keep in mind when planning:

  1. rent
  2. wifi
  3. insurance
  4. inventory packaging/ bags or boxes
  5. merchandising fixtures
  6. paint decor elements that personalize the space
  7. staffing
  8. marketing
  9. opening reception

How do you find pop-up spaces?

Answer: If you are looking at one of our partner spaces you can find details here or email us for our deck. If you are looking for locations in other areas around NYC, the Tri-State Area, San Francisco or LA, we actively use

What kind of questions should you ask when looking for a short term rental?

Answer: Every space will vary but universal key questions include:

Is there wifi, and if not is it wired to be re-connected?

Is there an alarm system?

Is there a working bathroom?

What are the occupancy limits/codes?

What kind of insurance and/or permit is required?

What is foot traffic like, and what are busy times during the day?

Do you have restrictions on store hours?

Can you paint the walls, hang fixtures, etc?

Are you allowed to put signage on the window(s)?

If needed, are there built in fitting rooms and if not can you build them?

Is the air conditioning or heat working?

What is their deposit requirement and what are the terms?

And, always ask for a floor plan! Regardless of your brand, defining your purpose and budget are key first steps to planning your pop-up shop.

Arm yourself with as much information as possible to properly plan. We recommend no less than 3 months to ensure optimal execution, not only for securing and designing a space, but to also successfully market your store and incorporate strategies that truly connect your online and in-store experience.

If you missed our meet-up, come see us this Saturday, March 29th at the Freestyle Fashion Conference at LIM College. (Hint: use code ‘LIONESQUE’ for $30 off admission)