Label To Watch: Ysterike

November 04, 2011 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Launched in 2010 by French designer Sarah Lespagnol, Ysterike is a new womenswear label that prides itself on feminine whimsicality. Infused with a touch of folly, Lespagnol's vision for the brand was to create clothing for women who love fashion and who find their minds bursting with creativity and influences. A graduate of French fashion university ESMOD, the designer's technical talents are evident in the sharply cut trousers, skirts and tops. And with its subtle nod to nostalgia, Ysterike has a super cute style that doesn't take itself too seriously. Scroll down to read more about Ysterike designer Sarah Lespagnol and to see images from the label's Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

Tell us a little about your background. What was it that inspired you to begin designing clothes?

My passion for the fashion world blossomed at an early age when my mother would get me all dressed up like a doll. In fact, she’s Italian so she always paid a lot of attention to my clothes. My love for well-dressed individuals is what inspired me to become a clothing designer. I studied design and pattern making in school, then, after my studies, I went to work in India for a designer. It was in that moment that the idea of creating my own brand became manifest. The fact that I was so far from my country, my family and my friends gave me an opportunity to develop my own point-of-view in life and what I really want and need for my future. I saw and lived so many things while in India, I just knew that I shouldn’t be wasting my time any longer. Ysterike became my dream, my therapy and, finally, my evidence.

What sets Ysterike apart and makes it different from other contemporary womenswear labels?

Ysterike is a fashion brand that encourages women to be seduced by a funny and whimsical universe. The Ysterike woman shows a huge interest for creativity and fashion; she’s hungry for information and her head is like a carousel of influences. Ysterike promotes an attitude where one can be sexy, arrogant, destroyed and crazy. It says, “Just once, don’t take yourself so seriously!”

Describe your experience living in India. Does it have a large influence on your designs?

India had a huge impact on my life perception and understanding and it really pushed me to solidify the creation of my own brand. Also, I developed a real fascination for the wonderful colors and the “Sari” of the country. You can see that I use a lot of these different colors in all of my collections; everything I saw there really inspired me.

Aside from the established designers and couturiers who show there, Paris isn't as recognized for its young talent as other cities like New York and London. Why do you think this is?

There’s actually a large flow of young designers in France who are actually like a new breath. I think the young women identify more and more with these young designers. The pieces are less expensive than before and the design is more actual. In fact, almost every girl can wear nice clothing now thanks to young designers.

What are your favorite pieces from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection?

All of them! I love the Chloe dress, it’s both retro and modern at the same time! I also love the Lori top with its “retro madrague”. The “pajama” look of the Diane and the Alicia with all the cute hearts on the fabric is cute, too.

What plans do you have in store for the label moving forward?

Just continue to move forward and grow up with Ysterike, hopefully finding more and more stores to share the collection with the world and, of course, get lots of people wearing Ysterike.