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After decades of experience working with Asian and American fashion markets, KolorShowroom recognized that despite globalization, many talented designers and fashion houses went unnoticed internationally in the white noise of the fashion industry. Kolor Showroom was established to support unique, progressive brands rise above the chaos. Based in the greater New York area, Kolor Showroom launches global collections to the American market. The showroom introduces brands to retailers, provides guidance through new markets, identifies the right outlet, expands their wholesale business, coordinates orders, and raises brand awareness. As a showroom with global capabilities, Kolor Showroom creates better experiences for transitioning and growing brands, in real time, at any time.

Kolor Showroom has hand-picked several exciting brands to bring to Capsule New York Women's ready-to-wear & accessories, don't miss it!


2nd SWBD

2nd SWBD is a Korean contemporary fashion label derived from "Sewing Boundaries" as directed by Dongho Ha. With a clean approach to design based on sophisticated core and basic essentials, the label inquisitively works to create easy-to- wear styles that have the ability to shift between day and night. The clothes in the collection are at once a backdrop and a statement, and they appear to change according to the person wearing them. Built in soft and warm fabrics like wool and raw canvas, they are loose, comfy, and protective yet though. 2nd SWBD is known for its creative shapes and details in everyday wardrobe staples. 2nd SWBD offers to the consumer the designs to own their effortless posture.



Frontrow has introduced their collection by collaborating with various designers who have different concepts. However, its basic concept is contemporary classic for a creative life style. High quality of materials, 3D patterns, and unique design are the key factors for its success.


Jinny Kim

Influenced by the romantic mood and glamorous lifestyle of 1930s to 1950s Hollywood, Jinny Kim started designing premium shoes fit for the most stylish women of today. Jinny Kim is considered one of the top luxury shoe brands in Korea, and its designs are highly sought out by fashionable women seeking the best in style and quality - celebrities and power bloggers included. Jinny Kim shoes reinvent the glamour of old Hollywood and showcase a variety of feminine, hip styles for today’s most progressive, edgy, and fashion-conscious women. The brand focuses not only on trendy design but also on premium quality. Jinny Kim shoes are 100% handmade by master shoe artisans with over 20 years of experience. Consequently, Jinny Kim shoes can be custom made to order to fit each customer’s individual style.


Joseph and Stacey

After working as fashion buyers in New York and London respectively, Josephine and Stacey parlayed their passion for leather into their brand, Joseph & Stacey, in 2009. Influenced by their love for the tradition and character of British style, the designers created handbags that outlast fickle fashion trends. One of Korea’s top handbag brands, Joseph & Stacey receives much love and attention for its timeless design, impeccable craftsmanship, and individuality. Boasting bold colors and styles without compromising classic design and craftsmanship, Joseph & Stacey products are 100% handcrafted and designed in South Korea with a unique milling process that ensures the leather is smooth without becoming thin.



Just Jinny expresses ‘EASY LUXURY’, the kind of luxury that stays close to people’s every day lives and can be shared by everyone. Just Jinny is the ultimate embodiment of the lifestyle for women who know how to appreciate the value of true luxury. Following the style of the last decade’s glory of Jinny Kim Studio, who’s been presenting hand-made premium design shoes and loved by the worldwide top celebrities as the #1 leading design shoes brand in Korea, has just launched the new hottest shoes and lifestyle brand ‘Just Jinny’.


Pure Cashmere

They call it “soft gold”; cashmere is eight times warmer than sheep’s wool and notably lighter. Pure Cashmere sources its fibers from the soft underbelly of inner Mongolian cashmere goats and trusts master artisans with over twenty years of experience crafting this treasured material to create its sweaters. Spun from 100% cashmere, Pure Cashmere coats, sweaters, and scarves offer premium quality, luxurious color, and sophisticated style at an affordable price. The quality of Pure Cashmere requires less dye, minimizing the damage dye causes to the softness of the material. Unlike the ephemeral trends of today, Pure Cashmere can be worn for decades as the softness of cashmere only improves with age and wear. Discerning men and women with an eye for high-quality materials and endurance of style will find their perfect fit with Pure Cashmere.



A specialized beauty expert, SKINRx LAB thoughtfully creates a highly-edited collection of essential skincare products. The brand has studied to invent enriched and enhanced products to deliver more quality, sensorial pleasure and beauty since 2003. SKINRx LAB approaches the answer for every women’s beauty curiosity; what the biggest skin problem is and how the brand can suggest the skin solution for modern people. Putting top priority on skin improvement effect, SKINRx LAB makes efforts for developing products optimized to provide help to skin troubles of people through new attempts and creative experiments.


Studio 6IX

STUDIO 6IX is well known accessory brand as Fun, Luxury, Funky. This is the fashion jewelry brand, which Mix match with variety use of materials with acid colors, providing glamorous, funky, and artsy. In 2013, Studio Six launched in Harvey Nichols in Hong Kong, it has been loved by not only Korean buyers, but foreign buyers. In Sep, 2013, Swarovski invited World Jewerly Facets for disply Studio Six. Afterwards, Studio Six has entered various markets as Taiwan, China, and Beverly Hills in CA. Studio Six has been kept an eye on many celebrities, multi shops, and fashion magazines.



Full of pieces that are effortless and versatile from day to night, THEASHYLYNN’s 1st collection just launched by two sisters, Ash and Lynn. Inspired by the places they lived such as Los Angeles, Saipan, Osaka, Como, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, it includes new adventures and beauty of diverse people and multidisciplinary designs. Describing women who desire to feel confident and sparkle herself while wearing the brand, it offers the statement pieces featuring sequins with unexpected juxtaposition of fabrics and trims - denim, velvet and cotton.



YOUSER is a high-end street fashion label rooted in current culture at a taste-level particular to now. With a specific opinion, not necessarily same with the vision of seasonal men’s and women’s collection are offered. The brand emphasizes ‘Deconstruction and Reconstruction’, and it strives to make this idea balance on epicene colors and shapes. YOUSER has been raised its brand awareness in the Asian and European market since its launching in 2011, and has been expanding the distribution network through Seoul Fashion Week and overseas fashion events. The brand embodies a way of high-end street life, and focuses on styles between masculine and feminine, naturalism and artificiality, and futurism and traditional.

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