Katie Eary Designs a Vibrant Collection of Home Goods for IKEA

April 28, 2016 BY CAPSULE

Back in September, IKEA announced that it would be partnering with designer Katie Eary to create home goods inspired by her eclectic menswear. Her collection was unveiled during the Swedish furniture company's first-ever fashion show last year in Milan.

Now, the anticipated “Giltig” collection, which includes everything from aprons and dinnerware to cushions and lamp shades, has finally hit stores.


Eary's vibrant pieces are an edgy departure from IKEA’s usual offerings with its range of homewares printed with bright blue fish, blood-red dentures, and bloodshot eyeballs.


“I’m really excited to bring a bit of vibrancy to someone’s house and feel like I contribute that bit of personality into their home,” she says in a video by IKEA. “It feels good.”


Eary also explains that her inspiration for the collaboration came from Johnny Depp in the film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and her younger brothers.


The “Giltig” collection is available at IKEA now, but only for a limited time. -- Erica Euse