April 13, 2009 BY CAPSULESNEWS

PJ-AP107_pjFASH_D_20090408185406.jpgBowties are a big trend in menswear these days, reports the Wall Street Journal:

It's just a slim slip of silk, yet it says so much.
After years under the chins of the pocket-protector crowd, the bow tie is cool. It now appears on "Gossip Girl" characters, fashion runways and sports stars -- as well as young hipsters. Forgotten by fashion for years, a bow tie today is both nostalgic and new. Marcus Wainwright learned to tie one on from his "old man" as a well-bred British youngster. "It's one of those things you sort of yearn to go back to," says Mr. Wainwright, one half of the design duo behind trendy clothing maker Rag & Bone.  Last year, Rag & Bone created a few bow ties from unexpected fabrics such as wool suiting material. To Mr. Wainwright's surprise, they sold well and continue to do so.  Read the full article here.