Introducing Shore Projects Watches, Inspired by the British Seaside

July 02, 2015 BY STEVE DOOL


Some of the best ideas in life are born within the walls of a pub. Such is the case with Shore Projects, the UK-based watch label that will be making their Capsule debut at the New York Men's show later this month.

Officially founded in June 2014 after its conception over a few pints, Shore Projects infuses each piece with a vintage sensibility. But, their most enduring inspiration is the British seaside. Accordingly, £1 from each watch sold benefits the Marine Conservation Society.

We caught up with co-founder Neil Waller to find out a bit more about Shore Projects and what to expect from the brand in the future.

WATM: Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you came to launch Shore Projects?

Neil: We are three friends that one day in a pub discussed that we couldn't find a decent watch – hence none of us wore one. We saw it as an opportunity to combine our different skill sets and so decided to start one there and then. We set about looking into vintage classics and older designs and wanted to create products that feel timeless...and so Shore Projects was born.

WATM: If you could crystallize it down to one thing, what is the biggest differentiating factor that sets Shore Projects apart from other watches?

Neil: We love the straps mechanism of our watches. In just a few seconds it allows you to easily change the strap and as a result completely change the look of the watch to fit any occasion. There are now hundreds of options to wear the watch and we are constantly working on new designs.

WATM: What is new for Project 3, your most recent release?

Neil: Project 3 is the first time we've introduced color to the watch faces. They are inspired by the muted and washed out tones of old fishing boats. It's also the first time we've added numbers to the watch face inspired by vintage design.


WATM: You’re inspired by the British seaside. What would be your recommendations for a first-time visitor looking for a UK beach getaway?

Neil: We grew up in Poole Dorset by the harbor. If you take the chain ferry from Sandbanks to Studland it's fantastic for a day out. Take a walk around to Old Harry Rocks and make sure you stop off for a beer in the Banks Arms!


WATM: Finally, what can we expect next from Shore Projects?

Neil: We've got big plans! There's lots of new straps coming out and we are busy designing a new watch in time for Christmas. We are still a young brand so have lots to learn and do. We are listening to our customers and seeing what they want but a collaboration with a brand we admire is definitely something we'd love to do.