April 17, 2014 BY SCOUT & CATALOGUE


Last season I started experimenting with silk screening on leather and really liked the results. So when I started designing the new collection creating a new pattern seemed like an obvious addition. I decided to go with an organic polka dot – mostly because my appetite for polka dots has recently become insatiable (see sweater on model in 4th picture that I recently purchased at a vintage store in NYC) – but also because I wanted to create a pattern that was more graphic and punchy than my normal dyeing techniques allow. One of my favourite things about silkscreening on natural, untreated leather is the variances that occur in the printing – the polka dots differ in saturation creating a unique print every time. So far I’ve been wearing the Yelapita in polka dot non-stop and can’t wait to see how the leather deepens in tone over the upcoming warm summer months…