Introducing Boll & Branch, the Warby Parker of Bed Linens

October 27, 2014 BY STEVE DOOL


By now, the so-called "Warby Parker business model" - keeping costs down by selling direct to consumers, controlling manufacturing, and introducing a charitable component - has been adapted in whole or in part by a wide range of brands (see also Harry's grooming products, from a Warby founder, Everlane, et al). When it's done well, as in the case of the new luxury linens brand Boll & Branch luxury linens, everyone wins - the label, the consumer and the craftspeople. Perhaps the only downside would be for the retailers who are cut out of the process altogether.

Husband and wife team of Missy and Scott Tannen founded Boll & Branch in January 2014, after they decided the shopping experience when looking for linens left much to be desired and lacked the transparency of other lifestyle goods. The company is founded on the premise of providing high-quality sheets, made with organic cotton and Fair Trade practices, at a price that won't set customers back the $500+ comparable brands traditionally sell for at retail. Boll & Branch sheet sets start at $220.

All product is manufactured in India, where, by the brand's estimate, Boll & Branch has supported 836 farmers (100% of the cotton grown on 105 farms throughout the country) and 250 mill workers. Through their partnership with Not For Sale, a non profit dedicated to fighting human trafficking, that number reaches upwards of 5300 people positively affected by the brand since their debut just under a year ago.

More information is available at All sheets come with a 30-night sleep guarantee.