Vegas Preview: True Collaborative Fashion Showroom

February 04, 2016 BY CAPSULE


True Collaborative Fashion is a showroom dedicated to showcasing independent fashion designers and brands steeped in Americana. Based in Portland with an additional showroom in Los Angeles, TCF is a hub for collections that celebrate contemporary craftsmanship and handmade artistry.

We interviewed one of the founders of True Collaborative Fashion, Tyler Forrest, about the spirit of the showroom and some trends he predicts for Fall 2016.


(capsule) What spurred you to open your own showroom?

TF: I worked in the Adult Beverage Industry for 10 Years for the biggest supplier in the world - Diageo (sales and then marketing). On my off time I shopped local boutiques, I loved chatting with independent businesses owners and learning about their boutiques. Then I met my first independent designer when I moved to Portland Oregon, at an art fair and decided the skills I had learned over the past 10 years aligned perfectly with the skill set needed to become a wholesale representative. My first show was POOL in Vegas, I loved the creatives, of course all the clothing and meeting all the fabulous store owners. It grew from there, 10 years ago.

(capsule) What do you look for when picking up new lines for your showroom?

TF: Is their brand wearable, are there signatures, will buyers and consumers be passionate about the brands and want to sell/wear in the long run. Do they have a story behind the brand or production that I value and are they people I would like to work with overall.

(capsule) What characteristic do you think unites all the collections in the True Collaborative showroom?

Wearability with a soul.


(capsule) Your showroom has a distinctive Americana slant. What draws you to American-made fashion?

TF: I want to support jobs here in America and after watching the Scmatta: Rags to Riches documentary, I realized I could be a part of something important.

(capsule) What are some must have items from the collections you represent?


Prairie Underground - Denim leggings. I live in and their modern, cozy organic cotton french terry tops, dresses, pants and cardigans.

Bridge & Burn - womens BURN tees / sweatshirts - our entire showroom lives in these pieces along with the signature "BIRD" shirt and rayon tops/button downs in specialty fabrics.

Curator - classic stripe tees and everyday basics with a subtle boutique twist.

California Tailor - Boyshirts- their #2 oversized classic button downs for women.

The Odells - Their modern and sleek joggers and oversized mineral washed tunic tops / dresses.

Porridge - Quirky custom prints in easy, free flowing girly tops/dresses that make you feel like you are contributing to the definition of having your own "personal style".

Little River Sock Mill - classic polka dot anklets & striped slouch socks made with organic cotton in Ft Payne, Alabama. Adult classics instead of immature novelty socks, no party on my feet please.

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