Interview with Sophie Mechaly, President, Paul & Joe Sister

February 01, 2016 BY CAPSULE


Paul & Joe Sister is the epitome of young, chic French fashion: fun, vibrant, and lively, while still maintaining the distinct authenticity and timelessness characteristic of the original Paul & Joe brand.

We spoke to president of the brand Sophie Mechaly about inspirations and the Fall 2016 collection:

(capsule): What are some unusual or unexpected placed you draw inspiration from?

SM: The animal prints mixed with flowers or reinvented and more graphic polka dots, mixed with classic painters masterpieces. I love to explore the unexpected surprising associations: the mix of colors or patterns creating landscapes for example. I love the prints that arouse emotions linked with a souvenir, and that make you smile.

(capsule): If you had to pick a song that best encapsulates your Fall 2016 collection, what song would it be and why?

SM: Stevie Wonder – "Free"! Being free to mix and match the clothes that you want. The style is unexpected, the look is cool.


(capsule): What kind of girl wears Paul & Joe Sister?

SM: A girl who loves life, who isn't ashamed. She is smiling, lovable, with a strong personality and shares her "joie de vivre" daily.

(capsule): What film best captures the spirit of the Fall 2016 collection?

SM: Dirty Dancing! Jennifer Grey is gorgeous, her character is appealing. She sets herself free from her strict education and falls in love. The original soundtrack of the movie is one of my favorites: "Now I've Had the Time of my Life."

(capsule): What person, living, dead, or imaginary, would you love to see in your clothing?

SM: Michelle Obama because she's a beautiful woman, a happy and smiling wife and mother, and I'd be very honored, as a Parisian designer, to see her wear my collection.

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