Interview with Mattson Showroom

February 01, 2016 BY CAPSULE


Mattson Showroom was born of the desire to make the world just a bit smaller, by bringing popular Korean lines to interested fashion-forward American buyers. The showroom was founded in 2012 and now carries a compelling mix of both modern Korean lines and dynamic American brands.

We interviewed Gabriela Vera about Mattson's unique aesthetic and future trend predictions:


(capsule): What spurred you to open your own showroom?

GV: Mattson decided to open a showroom because we saw there was a disconnect between many successful Korean lines and the US market. We started by bringing in those never seen before Korean designers to our showroom to introduce them in the US market.

(capsule): What do you look for when picking up new lines for your showroom?

GV: We look for progressive new brands that stand out against their competitors.

(capsule): What characteristic do you think unites all the collections in the Mattson showroom?

GV: All the collections at Mattson Showroom are the most innovative in their category.


(capsule): What trends do predict to emerge this Fall?

GV: This fall you will see a lot more draping and over-sized items.

(capsule): What are some must have items from the collections you represent?

GV: JRYU coats are must a must have. Their craftsmanship and sleek style make it a classic that every woman must own.

Visit Mattson at Capsule Las Vegas.

Brands Represented:


End & End



Outstanding Ordinary