Interview with Loup Designer Danielle Ribner

February 04, 2016 BY CAPSULE


Loup is the fashion equivalent of a love letter from one city to another: in this case, the note (hand-written, probably with some artistic doodling) is from New York City to Paris, care of designer Danielle Ribner. Ribner lives in NYC and is inspired not only by the hustle and action of that city but also by the culture icons of the city of lights: Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, and Françoise Hardy, amongst others. The result is a collection that gives coy nods to the vintage details and charms of the past while looking solidly ahead at the present day: a marriage of whimsy and wearability for a modern woman who likes a little romance with her daily grind.

We interviewed Danielle Ribner about her inspirations, the Loup girl, and the Fall 2016 collection:

(capsule): What are some unusual or unexpected placed you draw inspiration from?

DR: I love looking through vintage books and magazine to get inspiration, and I discovered that old textbooks are a goldmine to see what people actually wore in different decades. I stumbled upon a bunch of French language textbooks from the 1970’s last season and it was weirdly a huge inspiration for the collection!

(capsule): If you had to pick a song that best encapsulates your Fall 2016 collection, what song would it be and why?

DR: "Kodachrome" by Paul Simon – This collection is all about your daily uniform with added elements to make you smile, and that’s what this song represents to me.


(capsule): What kind of girl wears Loup?

DR: Someone thoughtful who likes to express herself without answering to trends or anyone else.

(capsule): What film best captures the spirit the Fall 2016 collection?

DR: Masculin Féminin by Jean-Luc Godard.

(capsule): What person, living, dead, or imaginary, would you love to see in your clothing?

DR: Anjelica Huston – she has this worldly strange quality that I admire, and I’d love to see how she would style Loup now and in the 1970’s.

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