Discover at Capsule New York Women's: Juliette Swildens

February 04, 2016 BY CAPSULE


Parisian label Swildens is for the French girl who like her chic mixed with a little rock n' roll: bohemian vibes and menswear inspirations abound in the collection, designed by Juliette Swildens. A child of two fashion designers, Juliette brings a seasoned design sensibility to her love of 70s, 80s, and 90s style for a brand that is cool, effortless, and above all, distinct.

We interviewed Juliette about her influences, the Swilden girl, and her Fall 2016 collection:


(capsule): What are some unusual or unexpected places you draw inspiration from?

JS: More than a place these are the things, people and moments that inspire me...For this collection I teleported myself to New York in the 70s.

(capsule): If you had to pick a song that best encapsulates your Fall 2016 collection, what song would it be and why?

JS: "Questions And Answers" by Lou Doillon (Charlotte Gainsbourg's sister)...because there are so many questions and so many different options for response to a collection... And all that she represents... I love her style and beauty...


(capsule): What kind of girl wears Swildens?

JS: A chic girl who likes to be comfortable in her clothes. A girl who mixes masculine codes while being very feminine.

(capsule): What film best encapsulates the Fall 2016 collection?

JS: As I always mix the different styles, I'd say Diane Keaton in Annie Hall for the male side and David Bowie in the 1970s for femininity! Twiggy powdery under...

(capsule): What person, living, dead, or imaginary, would you love to see in your clothing?

JS: Caroline De Maigret.

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