Insider's Guide to Paris: Vincent Laserson, De Jeunes Gens Modernes

January 09, 2012 BY CAPSULESNEWS

In advance of the upcoming A/W 2012 (capsule) trade shows in New York, Las Vegas, Paris and Berlin, we’ve recruited a couple of menswear insiders from each city to give us the scoop on what’s hot in their hometown. From bars and restaurants to local art exhibitions and boutiques, these guys have the lowdown on the very best spots in town.

To get the scoop on what Paris has to offer, we reached out to Vincent Laserson of French fashion collective De Jeunes Gens Modernes. Covering everything from fashion and beauty to art and design, De Jeunes Gens Modernes is the ultimate destination for all things au courant.


Vincent Laserson

What do you do:

Co-founder, editor & kind of community manager at Sometimes writing in magazines. Currently working at American Apparel as a side job.


Twitter: @VincentModerne / @dejeunesgens

Favorite/best place to eat in Paris :

"Les Routiers", 50 bis rue Max Dormoy, 18th arrondissement. An authentic truckdrivers restaurant that hasn't change since the sixties. Authentic french food, no bullshit. Big plates, excellent cook. Go ahead before the owners retire cause their daughter won't continue after.

Favorite/best place to drink in Paris :

I could give you lots of cool bars names like Le Progrès, Candelaria or The Hemingway Bar in the Ritz Hotel, but the truth is that I'm never as well as in the local bar. Paris is the city of cafés you know.

Best place to stay in Paris :

My place, if you're a cute girl.

Your favorite neighborhood in Paris :

Mine, Place de Clichy/Quartier des Batignolles in the 17th, is not bad at all...

Must-see art exhibition :

We have the luck to have great museums in Paris. Each permanent collection of places like le Louvre, le Centre Georges Pompidou or le Musée d'Orsay are some must-see.

Your favorite shop in Paris :

Centre Commercial, 2 Rue de Marseille, 10th arrondissement.

Must-see tourist attraction :

It's a total cliché but do yourself a favor: have a trip at night on the Seine on a Bateau-Mouche and enjoy the view. You won't forget it.