Insider's Guide to Berlin: Christian Schneider

January 10, 2012 BY CAPSULESNEWS

In advance of the upcoming A/W 2012 (capsule) trade shows in New York, Las Vegas, Paris and Berlin, we’ve recruited a couple of menswear insiders from each city to give us the scoop on what’s hot in their hometown. From bars and restaurants to local art exhibitions and boutiques, these guys have the lowdown on the very best spots in town.

As editorial designer of THE WEEKENDER magazine, Christian Schneider is certainly no stranger among Berlin's art and fashion crowd. In hopes that he'd divulge where the city's hippest and coolest like to hang, we asked Schneider to share with us just a few of his favorite spots.


Christian Schneider

What do you do:

I'm an editorial designer and art director of the magazine THE WEEKENDER that I'm doing together with my friend and colleague/partner Dirk Mönkemöller.



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Best place to eat in Berlin:

Everytime Dirk comes to Berlin for the WEEKENDR production we have lunch at the Lavanderia Vecchia in Neukölln. Cheap and very good food in a nice old-laundry-styled surrounding with very friendly people.

Best place to drink in Berlin:

Nathanja und Heinrich in Neukölln. The bar used to be an trophy-store. Very nice, relaxed atmosphere.

Best place to stay in Berlin:


Your favorite neighborhood in Berlin:

I live in Neukölln, but I also like Kreuzberg, Treptow and the western parts and eastern outskirts of Berlin. I'm not in Mitte very often.

Must-see art exhibition:

At Studio Krimm there is a tiny, but excellent, exhibition of Christophe Szpajdel who has done about 7,000 logos for the death and black-metal scene.

Your favorite shop in Berlin:

My favorite magazine-shop is doyoureadme?! in Mitte and for anything else you should go to SÜPER.

Must-see tourist attraction:

Soviet War Memorial (Treptower Park)

Any good music or art shows to check out the 3rd week of January?