Inside The Mind Of London Street Artist, A.CE



A.CE has been part of the London street scene for over 10 years. His work is an obvious extension from classic pop-art, graffiti and graphic design but presents itself through an organic urban medium–the poster. Using the city has his easel, A.CE, describes his own work as a presentation of "nostalgic imagery intuitively selected, blended and remixed with contemporary logos and cartoon fragments". The result? Pieces that infiltrate the urban landscape and reflect on the absurdities of consumerism, pop-culture and modern day living.

We interviewed A.CE way back in the cold winter days of 2013, and are now offering up this video,– a look into the mind and evening of one of our favorite street artists, produced by Sabotage Times to celebrate the launch of the book "It’s A Stick Up", 20 tear out paste-ups by 20 of the world’s greatest street artists. Check it out and report back with your thoughts.

A.CE's work can be seen on his website, periodically in galleries across the world, and of course, on the street.

It's A Stick Up can be bought right here.