Industry of All Nations Madras Batik Project

June 11, 2013 BY OBI ANYANWU

Since the brand's inception in 2010, Industry of All Nations has made it their mission to make authentic products deeply rooted from countries all over the world. Instead of manufacturing their goods at the same factories as other brands, they go directly to the source of their inspiration. IOAN seeks local communities around the world to produce the clothing of that nation, unaltered from its original design, encapsulating the spirit of the town and the nation.

In this video, IOAN shows the manufacturing process of their madras shirting for their Madras Batik Project, and they traveled to the best country for madras fabric, India, for production. Watch as they produce the shirting of this project with 100% Indian materials and with help from the local community.



You can catch Industry of All Nations at Capsule New York next month.