Indie Mags Spotlight Part 3

November 21, 2013 BY MAIA SCHOENFELDER

There’s nothing like sitting down on Sunday Morning with a furry blanket/ onesies/ snuggie/ your-cozy-item-of-choice, a hot cup of coffee and a good old magazine. We may be dedicated to our blogrolls and loyal to online zines, but when we get a really good mag in the mail, there’s the sudden urge to tune out the world for a good hour and just immerse ourselves. We love the typefaces, the photographs, the editorials, the design and inspiring ideas. Know what we’re talking about? Have no idea? On Tuesday we introducted our Indie Mags Spotlight, yesterday we shared magazines 3 & 4 and today we’ll add two more zines to get you all good and prepped for Sunday on the couch. Get reading.

5- FUET Magazine


FUET was created out of a shared love of food and cooking. With a magazine that aims to function as a book, FUET shares recipes, words, images, stories and interviews that will have you running back to your coffee table for more. Fight your Sunday hangover with FUET and get inspired for breakfast, brunch, lunch, linner or dinner. Get satisfied.

6- Dodo Magazine–Your Own Private Treehouse


Combining adventure, science and fantasy, Dodo is a magazine "for anyone who has ever wanted a treehouse". The zine aims to be a time machine, theme park, a trip to the moon, a horror story, and an unsolved mystery all in one. With every issue comes a new theme, curl up under a blanket with a flashlight and start discovering a new world.

Check back every day this week for more independent magazines to grab at your neighborhood newsstand…or online.