Indie Mags Spotlight Part 1

November 19, 2013 BY MAIA SCHOENFELDER

There's nothing like sitting down on Sunday Morning with a furry blanket/ onesies/ snuggie/ your-cozy-item-of-choice, a hot cup of coffee and a good old magazine. We may be dedicated to our blogrolls and loyal to online zines, but when we get a really good mag in the mail, there's the sudden urge to tune out the world for a good hour and just immerse ourselves. We love the typefaces, the photographs, the editorials, the design and inspiring ideas. Know what we're talking about? Have no idea? Starting today, we'll introduce you to two magazines a day, to get you all good and prepped for your Sunday on the couch. Get reading.

1- Riposte


This "smart magazine for women" focuses on and profiles independent successful and bold women who are making a name for themselves in their respective worlds. Each issue features five idea, four meetings, three features, two editorials and one icon; the magazine profiles women across all industries. Pick up this zine to tune into the world of the modern women, art, food, architecture, fashion and more; see some amazing visuals and get inspired to shake shit up.

2- A Modern Matter


Sure it's normal to talk about the inevitable death of the print mag, but as the world of print dwindles, there is more opportunity for a magazine-as-art. A Modern Matter is aims to use the print space as a forum for "truly bespoke art content". This zine aims to collaborate with it's featured artists in real and varied ways; to treat the presentation of the arts as it's own art form. Grab this mag to be visually inspired and have your brain blasted with creativity.

Check back every day this week for more independent magazines to grab at your neighborhood newsstand...or online.