In Heroes We Trust Showroom

February 28, 2017 BY NEWS

In Heroes We Trust is not just a showroom, the Venice-based business is a community hub, creative incubator, and facilitator of unearthing the coolest in indie design.


John and Mickie

LA-based collection of everyday wear, that stands out when it comes to talking details. The art of making is not lost, with many of the pieces hand-dyed and cut, for the love of the craft.


Karla Carranza

For the love of textiles and cultural exploration turned her to create garments and accessories that make people feel immersed in a dream. Shapes ranging from sculptural to simplistic share a common thread of bringing wearers to reflect on their creativity and passions.


Neon Zinn

The Neon Zinn line is comprised of small-batch hand-dyed rope necklaces and sculptural ropewear. Designer, Seth Damm, makes in his New Orleans studio, and is at the helm from conception to creation.


Sweet Satya

The jewelry collection that goes beyond pretty, and seeks to harness healing powers of rare crystals, minerals and beads from around the world. The designer personally drills each crystal using the precepts of sacred geometry to create a singular product each and every time.


Uma K

Uma K collection is equal parts style maven & free spirit, Kate Thorson arrived at the art of jewelry design as she does any endeavor—naturally. Inspired by her own meditative visions, she creates pieces that speak to the active relationship between inner & outer beauty. She continues to expand her line with heirloom quality necklaces, bracelets & earrings - inspired adornments created at her home in the storied Laurel Canyon community of Los Angeles.


Nevow by Daniel Chimowitz

Nevow is a mixed media artist and textile designer, bringing worlds together with each playful piece that he created. Daniel draws on his upbringing among San Francisco’s LGBTQ community, as a source of inspiration for use of color and imagery.


Robert Warner Leather

Robert Warner Leather is the stuff of design legend, having made handmade custom clothing for icons like Janis Joplin, David Bowie, Elvis and Jimi Hendrix. Warner's mastery of hand-painting, tattooing, and otherwise increasing the cool factor of leather is still as relevant as it was in the rock-n-roll heyday.

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