In Good Company Q&A: Yale Breslin

June 07, 2013 BY OBI ANYANWU

Super journalist, Yale Breslin knows his way around the fashion industry. The Toronto born writer made headway as the Online Editor for V Magazine and VMAN before flying solo producing stories for GQ, Cool Hunting, Dazed Digital, Racked, New York Times, and we'll stop there because the list is a little long. Yale is our boy! He got his start with us on We Are The Market, so we thought, "Who better shoot the breeze with to share some summertime stories?" Check out our Q&A with WATM alum, Yale Breslin. Maybe you and Yale are quite alike.


We Are The Market: Where do you live?

Yale Breslin: I live in the East Village.


WATM: Describe your Summer Style?

YB: I much prefer 'sweater weather' - so I bring a little bit of Fall or Winter with me regardless of the season. Rod Lavers, Khakis, a white teeshirt, a backwards cap....and a sweater around the waist. Substitute 'khakis' for 'shorts' every now and then.


WATM: What's your favorite summer memory?

YB: Two summers ago some of my closet friends spent some time in Wainscott. Many memories were had....hard to choose just one.


WATM: What was your favorite summer trip?

YB: I went to summer camp in Canada for 13 years. Some of my lifelong friendships were established there. Once we snuck out of camp and drove to McDonalds in the middle of the night. Sounds lame....but it was risky and fun at the time.


WATM: What's your dream vacation destination?

YB: Turks and Caicos is heavenly. I'd go back in a flash.


WATM: What do you have planned for this summer?

YB: Weekends out East. A few trips to Toronto (my hometown)...and lots of work. Summers don't really exist anymore....