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For Capsule Newspaper No.6, we caught up with some of our pals about their favorites from the industry and beyond. Check out what they have to say about the upcoming summer, their personal SS14 tagline, and their favorite places in the world.

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Tom Brunet


l Manager at OFIVE, Paris

Tagline for SS14: Bright and Colorful. Let's ride and play.

Your personal style: Streetwear and basketball influence a lot my style. But I like to twist it sometimes with casual, fashion or classic clothes and accessories. Hats are what make my style every single day. Cap or beanie for a street mood, beret or fedora hat for a chic mood, chapka or hood for a cold mood.

This summer I am looking forward to wearing: a bathing suit because it will mean VACATION.

Traveling to: I am going to South of France, Cap Ferret, to shoot a fashion story for our next Magazine issue; Miami for the release party of Lil Wayne and Supra's collaboration. Copenhagen to chill with my friends; Cannes to organize a small OFIVE event during Festival de Cannes at La Chambre Noir by Belvedere. Can't complain!

Resides in: the most beautiful city in the world, Paris. In the best area in Paris, the 10th. In an apartment at the end of a little courtyard. With a big bed, a small bathroom, a big TV Screen, a lot of shoes and hats.

Recent purchase: I love hats. I bought a beautiful hat from the French brand Etudes at the store Coincidence and I'm about to buy a Pigalle cap—very colorful for my summer rides. Oh and I just bought an Oakland Raiders Jersey "PARIS" in the back, I love it.

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nate bui2

Nathan Bui

Actor, but a little bit of everything else, Bronx

Tagline for SS14: Don't let them see you sweat

Your personal style: Simple. Heritage with tailoring. A sea of Indigo mixed with a good amount of leather. There's a joke amongst friends that I dress like Justin Bobby from The Hills.

This summer I am looking forward to wearing: a Panama hat that I got from a friend on a photoshoot.

Traveling to: I am going back to Vietnam this coming summer to visit family. And hopefully a trip to Singapore alone for a week to write and explore. I'm trying to rent a house in Montauk so I can kick back with friends. And quite possibly a trip to Los Angeles for work.

Resides in: a fairly minimal house. Furnishing is mostly to accommodate a projector and a very huge movie screen that I recently acquired. Everything else is vintage from fleas and markets.

Recent purchase: I just got a pair of the Alden for Epaulet Taunton Captoe Boot Burnished Calfskin with a commando sole. I can't think of any words to describe it, it's just that amazing. And I'm a boot guy.

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Zohaer Majhadi

Sales & Marketing Consultant; Contributor AnotherMan, L'Officiel HOMMES, Paris

Tagline for SS14: Florals everywhere and camouflage!

Your personal style: During the day I will go for a sportswear-chic look. I have to be everywhere at the same time and so I need to be comfy! In the evening or during the week end I will go for a preppy minimal look (Phillip Lim, Acne, Dries Van Noten, APC, BlLK DNM, Cos, etc).

This summer I am looking forward to wearing: swimwear by OKUN…I'm a big fan of swim trunks and especially colorful ones

Traveling to: I'm going to Shanghai in a few weeks. Since December 2012, I have been working on a consulting project for a local shoe firm.

Resides in: Paris in an apartment. Since I'm freelancing, I get to travel A LOT for my jobs. I'm in Paris maybe one week/a month...I'm still looking for the perfect FLAT to get.

Recent purchase: That amazing suit from 3.1 Phillip Lim. The jacket comes with a detachable part. The ensemble looks very athletic and chic.

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Chris copy2

Chris Olberding

Gitman Vintage, New York

Tagline for SS14: Shirtzophrenic—Africana Tropicalia, Yachting, Pop-art, and propositional pin-ups. Oh, and some summer-weight Oxfords.

Your personal style: Lots of navy with an occasional “look-at-me” piece, e.g. Yuketen leopard penny loafers, Hermes foulard, Gitman Vintage zebra-camo pants.

This summer I am looking forward to wearing: short sleeve button-downs.

Travelling to: Ramatuelle, France. To enjoy the sun and sea and play some tennis on red-clay. Yes, at a friend’s villa; later will visit Foundation Maeght.

Resides in: the Manhattan sky in a minimally furnished apartment with a newly acquired Rodchenko.

Recent purchase: My Soviet beauty noted above.

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Tyler Thoreson

VP of Men's Editorial & Creative, Gilt, New Jersey

Please create a tagline for SS14: Clean and Mean.

Your personal style: Public school kid from the Midwest trying hard not to embarrass himself among all the cool people in the big city.

This summer I am looking forward to wearing: My off-white linen suit from Martin Greenfield.

Traveling to: Pitti should be fun, but I'm most excited about some serious R&R in the Catskills this summer. My friend Aaron and I, and our families, are renting a house out near the Delaware River Gap over Memorial Day weekend, and later in the summer my wife, kids, and I are spending a week outside Woodstock, where she's from. It's good living up there—swimming holes, great food, funky culture, amazing vintage furniture shopping.

Resides in: Lovely, leafy West Orange, NJ. It's not exactly a fashion hotbed (I'm the only guy in the neighborhood who wears an off-white linen suit to work), but if you're a five-year-old kid it's pretty ideal. Decor is forever a work in progress, but I guess I'd call our vibe modern-meets-Brimfield—Knoll sofa topped by a Hudson's Bay blanket my grandparents bought on their honeymoon in Montana, vintage books, a massive photo print of a weathered-looking dude and his equally weathered motorcycle taken on the steppes of Mongolia by Ryan Holden Signer. Plus some bunk beds and a crib upstairs, and a big-ass BBQ grill outside.

Recent purchase: I spent $12 registering a domain name for a charitable project that's going to make a real difference in the menswear world over the next couple years. Stay tuned.

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henrik photo credit nils Mueller

Henrik Vibskov

Designer, Copenhagen

Tagline for SS14: Keyhole double vision enlargement laboratories.

Your personal style: Relaxed, with a hat and colorful socks.

This summer I am looking forward to wearing: the sunglasses of my mother-in-law. They sport a colorful flower pattern and a 50s shape.

Traveling to: One of the trips I am looking forward to is my trip to Oslo in a couple of months. I am currently designing some costumes for their theatre.

Resides in: the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen with my girlfriend and daughter, in an apartment. If you look around, you can find lots of little elements and memorabilia from different art and design projects me and friends have done over the years. The biggest perk of the apartment though is its roof-deck.

Recent purchase: Some new Nordic cross-country skis.

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