IKEA-Inspired Fashion? Oh, my.

October 01, 2013 BY WATM



Three years ago, ex-IKEA employee Sergey Kovelenov set out to start a fashion company inspired by IKEA's ideology and aesthetic of minimalism. The first version of Oh, my launched in 2009 and only sold high-end dresses for about $150-$200. The pieces were offered in white, black, and grey and Kovelenov aimed the style to focus on simplicity, warmth, and comfort. However, that success of the company was nonexistent at the products' high price point and Kovelenov was forced to restructure and rebrand. One of the biggest challenges for the company was the lack of Russian manufacturers that specialized in what he was looking for: simplicity.

In 2010, Oh, my relaunched with its own website and online store; the expensive dresses were replaced by basic, simple knitted garments, t-shirts, and sweatshirts. The following year, Oh,my introduced color to its array of grayscale items. Today, Kovelenov's startup boasts 50 different versions of everyday essentials. The pieces are reminiscent of Uniqlo and American Apparel. According to Oh, my's website, they take everyday items and make them in their simplest form. They believe that anyone can look good in their clothing because by having extremely simple designs, they eliminate the possibility of a "radical" look.

Oh, my is promising to expand its territory to Estonia, Turkey, and Italy by next year.

[Photos via Oh, my]