Iben Høj: Unravelled


coverIben Høj has been working with the fine-threaded medium that is knitwear since the late 90's and recently released Unravelled, A Decade Of Fine Threads, which highlights the work she has been so masterfully doing these past 10 years. The book, presented not chronologically, but thematically, share a visual narrative that is displayed while the pages are being turned. Each section represents chapters and stories of Ibens work in the industry and throughout her life.

This book is not only the culmination of her work and play with knits, but it also lets us look back on her aesthetic evolution as a designer. As Iben shares with us, "The aim of the book is not only to present my work with knitting; it is to a much greater degree to communicate and inspire with my enthusiasm and my great passion for the craft". And beyond that, the book is filled with unbelievably beautiful images.



Lauren Folcher, senior fashion editor at WWD exclaims, "Iben's creations carry a delicate and twisted femininity. A quiet force exudes from her intricately knitted pieces, and the fact that she made all those special and unique pieces for fashion museums and exhibitions around the world makes her work even more valuable. In ancient Japanese culture artisanal skills are regarded with veneration, like a national treasure; this is something I always related to. Iben’s skill is knitting, and her will is certainly to create beauty.”


To compliment the launch of the book (which made its debut during Cophenhagen Fashion Week) a small exhibition at Trapholt, Kolding will be displaying Iben's beautiful pieces through Sept 15th. You can buy the book in the gift shop.