Human Being Journal Issue 4 for your eye candy pleasure

April 28, 2014 BY CAPSULE

Need Supply Co.’s biannual print magazine Human Being Journal is one of the publication we want to just stare at all day long. The visuals are amazing and the stories provide a unique perspective on the most current brands and creative figures. Coming from a retailer, a publication like this is a rareity that we welcome into the office with open eyes.

The fourth issues covers the idea of Future Simple and delves into ideas and themes that surpass the general clothing catalogue. From artist profiles and gorgeous editorial images to a recipe for the perfect goat cheese and honey bread, the Human Being Journal hits all the sweet notes. As Complex aptly states, "If you’re interested in the world of ceramics and beekeeping, the issue covers that too. Be on the lookout for the new issue when it drops on May 1".

But for now, just enjoy the preview of our fave images from the magazine.