How To Buy That Perfect Spring Jacket

April 19, 2013 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Words by: Simon Crompton/ image via Mr. Porter

As Spring rolls around (after much delay, at least in Europe), men start searching for that perfect summer jacket. The jacket that will go with everything, from a dress shirt to a polo shirt, jeans to flannels, and make a seamless transition from the dressed-down office to the funky bar on the corner. What they need is a washed cotton jacket.

Many men make the mistake of trying to have such things made. The wealthier and discerning man, who has his business suits made bespoke by Savile Row tailors or the disappearing few still in the US, will likely commission a linen jacket. Perhaps in cream or, if he is slightly younger, cobalt blue or slate grey. They will certainly look more casual than his suits, and will exude a certain rumpled charm after a dozen wearings. But they will never quite go with jeans or polo shirts.

The reason is that most casual jackets—and chinos for that matter—are garment washed. This means that the piece is made by a factory and then washed or treated to make it look worn in all the right places. This process also results in a softer and instantly more comfortable garment. No bespoke item can ever compete with that. There are washed materials available—Burberry’s bespoke trench service now features several washed gabardines—but it’s not the same as washing the whole garment.

So buy a nice washed cotton jacket; Boglioli makes some great ones.