Helen Levi for Bruichladdich

May 01, 2015 BY CAPSULE


Brooklyn-based potter Helen Levi has amassed a huge following among those who share an appreciation for a handmade aesthetic that celebrates the slight differences and variations that signal something is truly unique and was made with care by one person, rather than an assembly line.

In Bruichladdich, Levi found a kindred spirit. Bruichladdich is lauded as a real whisky drinker's whisky, and is still made in the same distillery on the Scottish island of Islay where it's always been made, using locally sourced ingredients, without the intrusions of modern technology.

Levi recently traveled to Islay, where she met the legendary Master Distiller Jim McEwan. The two exchanged ideas about the importance of terroir - one's local environment - on a finished product.

In search of a better understanding of her own materials and techniques, Levi then drove across the USA with her dog Billy on a 2 month adventure, taking the time to hone her craft, experiment with new techniques, and learn more about where her clays and glazes come from.

The result is Helen Levi for Bruichladdich, a limited edition collection of tumblers, water jars, whisky jugs, and other beautiful pieces for the boutique whisky brand, all inspired by the concept of terroir and by her trips to both Islay and the American West.

Helen Levi for Bruichladdich launched online today, May 1. To shop the collection, visit