HBD, Sigourney Weaver

October 08, 2014 BY STEVE DOOL


Today, actress Sigourney Weaver turns 65, and she's certainly come a long way from her six second cameo in Annie Hall (for which she was reportedly paid $50). For a celebrity who has been in the public eye since the 70's, she also has had her fair share of memorable fashion all of the 80's and early 90's.

We've rounded up some of our favorite on-screen looks from the 6 foot stunner, from Ripley to The Ice Storm and more.


Alien was the movie that put Weaver on the map, and over the course of three subsequent sequels, she's had more than a few opportunities to build on the look of Ellen Ripley. We're partial to the flight suit, but that boychild-esque shaved head from Alien³ made a lasting impression, too.


The Alien films might have provided Weaver with her most iconic role, but her part as Dana Barrett in Ghostbusters will always be closest to the hearts of some fans. We'll go out on a limb to say that Dr. Venkman isn't the only one who developed a bit of a crush.


If you ask most people to describe the attire of businesswomen in the 1980's, we'd be willing to bet their description would look a lot like the uniform of Weaver's Katharine Parker in 1988's Working Girl. Power suits? Shoulder pads? Pearls? Check, check, check.


In Dave, Weaver played a First Lady of the United States who didn't at first notice that her husband, the President, had been replaced by a lookalike played by Kevin Kline. Given that suspension of disbelief needed by the audience, we'll forgive the costume designer for dressing Weaver in a gown that would make the furor of Michelle Obama's bare arms look like nothing at all.


Things get pretty interesting in the 70's-set The Ice Storm, but everyone knows nothing accessorizes a belted, fur trimmed brocade coat quite like a leather whip.


And just in case you thought Weaver was showing any signs of settling into demure roles as she hit her milestone 50th birthday, just take a look at her costume from 1999's Galaxy Quest. Sci-Fi's favorite leading lady continues to reign.