Harry’s Opens The Corner Shop

October 29, 2013 BY WATM

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By now, youve surely heard of Harrys, the mens grooming brand founded by Warby Parker alum Jeff Raider and his business partner Andy Katz-Mayfield that has been building buzz with their clean, design-friendly shaving products sold directly to consumers via the brands website. Well, prepare to take your relationship with Harrys offline as they open the doors to the Harrys Corner Shop today in Manhattan. As with their razors and shaving cream, the services offered at Harrys first ever barber shop emphasize fair pricing, ranging from a beard trim for $15 to a cut and shave for $60. But the real value may be in the innovative ways the shop plans to personalize the experience for each of their clients. Appointments can be made online using an intuitive calendaring system which were interpreting as OpenTable for your dome and barbers will also be charged with documenting all cuts with an iPad to ensure your personal preferences are recorded with each visit. The cozy shop isnt all high tech, though. In addition to two refurbished 1920s Koken barber chairs, there are some good old fashioned Hanes white tees available for customers to wear in order to keep their shirts hair-free. A selection of other goods for sale include Public Supply notebooks and boxers from Sleepy Jones (Partners & Spade also designed the space). Our favorite are the Lego-style blocks made of green tea, which seems to perfectly encapsulate the high-minded simplicity that runs through the Harrys DNA.

The Corner Shop, a Harrys Barbershop; 64 MacDougal Street;