Hanging out at the GQ Lounge


The Capsule Show is unlike any other workday. The crew behind the show work long hours hauling heavy equipment to and from the venue while the brands arrive jet lagged pulling heavy luggage to their prepared booths. It's hard work putting the show together, even the buyers, editors, and bloggers have it rough shelling out tons of cash for cabs heading to appointments, meetings, and the show itself. The days are hard, the days are rough, and yes we loved every minute of it and had a ball! We live for this, getting all dressed up, geeking out over fashion, and flexing our brain muscles about trends. One of the best parts about this season at Capsule New York is the GQ Lounge.

GQ Magazine set up shop at Basketball City housing booze, barbers, and beautiful sunshine (though that was from Mother Nature, but we'll credit GQ for that). Stella Artois beers were flowing, Cocotein coconut water was available for the health conscious, and Perrier joined in on the fun supplying mineral water. All work and no play can make you dull, so Capsule and GQ supplied the fun amidst the hard work.

Click a photo below to start the slideshow from the GQ Lounge at Day 1 of Capsule New York.

Photography by Will Foster. You can find Will’s photography work at his website, DubFoster.