Grunge Cleans Up

August 28, 2012 BY CAPSULESNEWS

2012 is a new year. Kendrick Lamar pairs up with Lady Gaga, Major Lazer collaborates with Amber Coffman of the Dirty Projectors, and all in all, cross-genre collaborations are at an all time high. In music, that is. When you think about grunge fashion, there's really no reason to call on Kurt and Courtney. We've all seen Reality Bites, we've all acid washed, dip dyed, bleached out, ripped up, shredded through, and patched over our shit so many times the referential value of what we once called 'grunge' has lost most of its allure.

The new grunge is devoid of greasy hair and pit stains. There is an intentionality to mixing pieces that look worn and anti-formal with pieces that are structured, tailored and crisp. It's the cross-genre pollination balanced well that lets you know a person understands how to borrow from the grunge look without actually being a scrub.

Be bold, but clean and pair oversized shirts, ripped jeans, shirts tied around the waist, and Doc Martens with high fashion labels and modern day menswear elements. Wash your hair, brush your teeth, and wear deoderant. But get a little bit too drunk every now and again. It's about balance, people.

Photography by Justin Bridges and Liam Goslett