Get to Know: Tavik Men's

February 08, 2017 BY CAPSULE


TAVIK grew up in California when the beach landscape was untouched and the experiences were limitless. Their take on the "Modern Beach" mentality transcends lifestyle, it’s a movement that cultivates the creativity and exploration found stemming from an authentic California beach heritage. As a purveyors of the journey, their beach culture extends beyond the sand, making waves of inspiration from sunrise to sunset. Their collections inspire passions that turn into professions, designing modern work wear equipped for today’s tools and operatives, delivering style that enhances experience.


Showcasing their Fall 2017 Men’s at Capsule Show Las Vegas. Two collections entitled MODERN and BEACH. Designed to be worn and styled together through a balance of tailored and relaxed pieces. While each line within the collection draws inspiration from isolated concepts, together they create a comprehensive fall wardrobe of jackets, premium knits, classic essentials, bottoms and IN+ERFACE tech-optimized outwear.


For more information, visit or follow them on Instagram: @tavik


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