Get To Know... Lucid FC

December 04, 2015 BY CAPSULE

Chet and Betts DeHart, 19 year old twin brothers from Atlanta are living what many people would consider "the dream": from fanboys to designers with their own label.

Avid sneaker heads growing up, the boys shared an extensive collection, and a popular sneaker review show on You Tube, called SoleBrothers. Passionate and industrious, they even managed to launch their own sneaker collection at age 14. Fast forward 5 years, and the duo are living in NY,and setting their sights on streetwear. Their logo-driven streetwear line, Lucid FC is carried at directional boutiques like VFiles, A Number of Names, and Standard Atlanta.


The industry has taken notice of these guys' hustle, and the DeHarts already have strong mentors in the industry, including photographer Steven Klein, and VFiles' Julie Anne Quay. Rhianna called attention to the brand when she was photographed wearing several logo pieces recently.

New jacks who've grown up in the golden age of premium streetwear and #menswear, we caught up with the DeHarts to get to know a little more about their rise.

Meet the twins and see the AW16 collection at Capsule New York Men's, January 26-28.

(C) There are many sneakerheads/ streetwear guys with a dream of having their own label. But you managed to actually get one off the ground. How did you figure out all the aspects of launching a brand?
For the most part, our work rolls out and we get on top of it. We are lucky enough to be able to do that at such a young age, and the skills/knowledge gained only strengthens if we follow our vision.


(C) Business-wise, who do you look up to or consider inspirational for your brand?
Haha, is that a good question! Number one is Ralph Lauren. Lucid FC strives to fuse a new generational lifestyle fashion brand. We also take inspiration from Pharell and the whole StarTrak movement (on and off the keys). Music plays a large roll influencing the brand. We are from Atlanta, Ga.

(C) Tell us about the name and the logo design
The Lucid FC Logo, created in 2010,is a symbol. The symbol represents letters "L" or "F" in every angle. L + F stands for "Lucid Footwear", our original brand name. In 2012, we changed the brand to "Lucid FC" short for "Lucid Footwear+ Clothing."


(C) Who inspires you style-wise?
The Lucid Twins have their on style! Haha but we do get our style by pulling inspiration from the greatest. Skateboard P, Cudi, Ye, Bieber, John Mayer... idk, its all over the place.

(C) What do you think was a key moment in fashion in 2015?
Adidas' well put-together creative direction on many levels of the fashion industry. From music to fashion, all around the world. They worked with a large number of names that put a great puzzle together for 2015 and the next years to come.


(C) Tell us about your AW16 collection — what can we expect to see at Capsule?
As you may know, Lucid FC seasonal collections are all themed. SS16 was Parisian cafe culture, AW16 will be General issue military. We have a really cool (unique) booth set up. Including some customized WW2 military props.

(C) Do you have a specific type of guy in mind when designing the collection? Describe him.
Not really. We make our clothing for every single person place or things known to man kind. Although if we are making items to nail one target market, we could choose female and male 8-32 years old. We have a good amount of customers over the age of 60 in NYC. (laughs).


(C) You grew up in the age of the Internet taking over fashion, and got a lot of your knowledge of fashion online and via social media. Tell us how you plan to use digital properties to promote the brand?
Printed Lucid FC promotion and marketing will always be somewhere in the world. We will continue to keep it that way and of course upload even more online.

(C) Any news/launches/collabos/ plans for 2016 that you’d like to share?
Yes, we would love to share them. But you'll have to come by our booth to hear them!