Paris Capsule Brand Spotlight: Delikatessen SS15 Fava Collection



Delikatessen SS15 sources from the allotment garden, the horta urbana, a true mix of urban and natural life. Allotments offer an improved quality of life, relaxation, and contact with nature. Anticipating the new season, we have sown the seeds of Fava beans in our vegetable garden.

Fava beans have a long tradition of farming in Africa, Europe and Asia.
Along with lentils, peas, and chickpeas, fava beans became part of the eastern Mediterranean diet, probably as early as 6000 BC. They are also often used as cover crops to prevent erosion. Fava flowers have a strong and sweet scent that attracts bees.

In the ancient societies of Greece and Rome, beans were even used in voting; a white bean was used to cast a yes vote, and a black bean for no.

As we watch our Fava beans grow, we too plunge into our roots, celebrating a new era of craftsmanship. True manufacture and fabrics make this connection. Delikatessen fabrics are fashionable yet subtle and simple: mastering the basic forms, natural and soft to the touch. Our silhouettes are now even more relaxed and toned, to stay with you forever.

For SS15, the key fabrics are:
- a range of linens originating from Normandy, France and woven by a high-end Italian weaver;
- fine cotton and linen jacquards from a small Italian manufacturer;
- high-end Italian knits from Carpi in Italy

What’s new in garments:
- a line of sartorial jackets in linen and summer wool;
- the T-shirt and sweatshirt collection of Wakayama Slow Vintage knits. The fabrics come from a small factory in Japan that for more than a century has operated TSURI knitting machines that run very slowly and tenderly, taking up to an hour to produce a meter of fabric.






Delikatessen Campaign SS15 - Photos by Bobrowiec, model Wojchiech Białczak, styling Andrzej Lisowski.