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With 400+ boutiques and 3,000+ designers, Garmentory is an e-commerce platform dedicated to supporting emerging and contemporary fashion. Founded in 2014 by Adele Tetangco and Sunil Gowda, the curated marketplace of boutiques and designers began with a mission to support the #shopsmall movement and the people behind it. Today the community offers the leading edge of digital commerce to indie shops and under-the-radar brands shaping the future of fashion while connecting men and
women to a global, all-access pass to find and refine their personal style


Ajaie Alaie

Ajaie Alaie is all about mindfulness and reminding women to be mindful with their daily thoughts and actions. Each garment has an amulet on the inside of the garment at a specific energy point (a chakra), represented by a design detail, a knot, twist, dart etc... They believe keeping these energy points balanced is instrumental for their well-being and success. Each garment is reminding them to feel proud of their accomplishments, to love unconditionally, feel secure, grounded, and feel safe. With simple philosophies behind it, the amulet serves as a visual reminder to begin the day with such positive intentions.


Desiree Klein

Desiree Klein is a German designer who relocated from Berlin to LA. Her original studies in product design continue to inform her clothes in a way that is subtle and sophisticated. Her current line is womenswear with some pieces doubling as unisex items. She makes timeless, detailed pieces, that are simple to wear, yet complex and smart in their structure and aesthetic.



DUO NYC features an edited selection of vintage and modern independent designers. Co-founders and sisters, Wendy and LaRae Kangas focus on gender neutral womenswear and handpick go-to wardrobe staples concentrating on natural fibers and modern silhouettes. Located in the East Village in New York City since 2008.


House of 950

House of 950 is an independent designer lifestyle brand that focuses on the reaction between the clothing and the person, awkward beauty, is actively charming, and explores comfort and ease within austerity and simplicity. The House does not have a fixed inspiration and instead designs each collection as an evolving series, allowing them to explore within their own world and aesthetic. They do not focus on trends, but instead design their clothing as a series of iterations of pattern making concepts that they discover in their exploration of ideas and in their surrounding environment. The House is a metaphor for our own lives, not just focusing on clothing, but the purpose behind it and what it means to create.



Inga-Lena is a sustainable women's wear label designed and produced in New York. INGA-LENA is the personal narrative of a young woman, relating her lighthearted upbringing and inner division on her road to womanhood. Collections for the liberated woman who is conscious of her mind and body. Their cottons and silks create the perfect harmony of casual chic and timeless elegance.



Kordal is a womenswear brand rooted in ethical manufacturing and sustainable sourcing. They aim
to create distinctive, long-lasting garments and accessories that support local and artisanal
production and inspire creativity.


Maria Dora

Theline boldly experiments with color and texture, while staying true to an appreciation for details. The designer, of the same name is LA-based, with the collection hand-made in Palos Verdes. Rich palettes, and playful incorporation of cashmere, Japanese wool and mohair, aren’t for the faint of heart.


Pari Desai

Pari Desai's signature is a low-key approach to luxury that adds a warm, soulful use of color and texture to the ease of minimalism. The designer studied the tradition of tailoring and millinery before launching her line. This foundation in classic craft has landed the line on the racks of indie legends like Bird, No. 6 Store and Swords-smith.


Sunja Link

Canadian designer, Sunja Link, began her eponymous collection is 2012. The line is carried throughout her home country, as well as top US boutiques. Her ethical line of swim and ready-to-wear a made from sustainable materials, sourced from fashion capitals of France, Japan and Italy, An unwavering attention to detail and sophisticated execution, make the brand an elevated take on everyday dressing.


The Stowe

Montreal-based handbag line crafting handbags and accessories using veg-tanned Italian leather, crafted in Spain. Shapes play on the geometric forms, paired with traditional leather craft. The versatile accessories are a staple for subtle statement dressing.


The Velvet Sock by Simone Wild

Velvet Sock is a high quality product made in Germany. Simone Wild launched in 2016 these colorful accessories that look elegant and cozy at the same time. With her background in tailoring, fashion design and solid experience as a buyer for contemporary fashion, she creates perfect fit socks in different sizes and in a huge color range.


Twenty one Tonnes

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Twenty One Tonnes is a celebration of traditional craft and global style. Partners Chessa Osburn and Mary Jane Bolton are drawn to products that are at once ancient and modern, functional and aesthetic. They strive to do trade in a way that supports tradition and sustainability, which means working with small scale artisans and family businesses to bring you quality products that are made by hand from natural, local and recycled materials. Collections are limited, and no two products are exactly alike.


Uni Jewelry

Uni jewelry is a Portland based jewelry line by designer Kiersten Crowley. Uni is inspired by the places Kiersten has called home, from the rugged landscape of the southwest to the sand and stone coastline of her native New England.First carved from wax, then cast in bronze and finished with sterling silver chain and components. Every piece is handmade and the process and technique is unique to each.

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