GANT Rugger's Head Of Design Filippa Hallstensson On Debuting the GANT Rugger Women's Collection

May 19, 2014 BY OBI ANYANWU

Gents that love GANT Rugger are familiar with the plight—the ladies love the brand's easy to rock button down shirts as much as the dudes do. Ladies, your prayers are finally answered. The GANT Rugger women's collection is coming this Fall, and it's a winner. Crisp OCBDs, fun sweatshirts, a covetable varsity jacket, a Hopsack Blazer, we'd rock it all.

We had the opportunity to chat with GANT Rugger's Head Of Design Filippa Hallstensson about the collection, why women love GANT Rugger and the unique challenges and creative perks of designing for le ladies.

Guys love GANT Rugger, but women love the shirts just as much! Were you aware of the love the brand was receiving from women?

Women have been buying from our menswear collection for years - it has been a love affair since day one, really. I think women have been buying our shirts because they're not fussy - no darts at the chest, no tiny button down collars or mini sized pockets. I guess women like a shirt where you can actually fit a passport in the pocket - it’s as easy as that. We work a lot with the fabrications and washes in our shirts to get that beaten down, almost worn-in touch to it. They’re easy to love.

How did talks of a GANT Rugger women's collection come about?

The GANT Rugger woman has always been in the back of our minds; she has been a part of the creative process during all these years working on the men’s collection. After seeing a lot of women buying our menswear we thought it was time to create a collection for her. The collection is built around a woman who’s into details and quality without any fuss. She’s just as comfortable in jeans, a tee and worn in sneakers as she is wearing a killer dress and 5 inch heels. She’s dressy but messy.

Did you have a theme in mind for this season?

There will be no "grande vacance" this year. The theme is inspired by a summer in The City (NYC) – we call it STAYCATIONLAND.

Has introducing the women's collection affected how you design now?

I design the men’s and women’s collections at the same time, jumping back and forth. Though they are designed as separates they are not dependent on each other.

The biggest difference designing men’s and women’s is definitely the silhouettes and fits. There’s so much more to take into consideration when it comes to women - breasts, waist, hips… And it takes a lot more time to get it right than I could ever have imagined.

How would you describe the new line in relation to the men's line?

The women's and the men’s lines stand on the same American Sportswear ground. But with the women's collection it's definitely not about taking our menswear pieces and shrinking it down to a women’s size. It’s all about taking classic pieces, tweaking them into something new and contemporary and constantly pushing the envelope.

I think we’ll be able to do even more crazy stuff when it comes to the women’s stuff; you can do so much magic when it comes to draping and de-construction!

The GANT Rugger women's collection will be available this Fall. Check out the collection below.