GANT Rugger SS15: Staycationland

September 15, 2014 BY OBI ANYANWU


The GANT Rugger SS15 collection entitled, 'Staycationland' is the ideal wardrobe for a summer in the city. The collection boasts a bevy of shorts looks that speak to the confident, stylish dresser on the go transitioning from the workplace to the weekend. Highlights of the collection are the sporty motifs as seen on a number of mens pieces - double-zipper nylon bomber jacket, a standout yellow nylon hoodie, a quilted vest and the use of diamond patterns on a nylon hoodie, swim trunks and stitched into an indigo oxford shirt. The mens side of the collection is a happy medium of Rugger essentials and staple pieces and some trends, most notably the 'baseball jersey' button down shirt that was in several collections this season.

As sharp as the mens collection is, the highlight of the presentation was the women's looks that were seen upon entering the Maritime Hotel. GANT Rugger women's launched in FW14 with a small selection of looks but quickly expanded for SS15. "I design the men’s and women’s collections at the same time, jumping back and forth," said Filippa Hallstensson, Head of Design GANT Rugger. "Though they are designed as separates they are not dependent on each other. The biggest difference designing men’s and women’s is definitely the silhouettes and fits. There’s so much more to take into consideration when it comes to women… It takes a lot more time to get it right than I could ever have imagined." Rugger women's is coming into its own very quickly. There is a tomboyish flair in a number of looks and pieces like an electric blue nylon bomber, ripped jeans, a slightly drop shoulder shirt, sweatpants and frayed denim shorts. The collection retains its preppy femininity through floral patterns, seen on a kimono and bomber jacket, short suits, knitwear and a romper.


"She keeps pushing the envelope and never settles for "good enough"," said GANT Creative Director, Christopher Bastin. "The addition of women's has had a huge impact on how we look at the collection in general, and will no doubt be a big part of taking it to the next level. Fifi was always more of a creative sidekick and muse rather than an assistant. I just kept pouring everything I know about the industry over her, and she was like this sponge, just sucked everything up and instantly got it. That it would be Fifi who took over the reigns at GANT Rugger was a no-brainer. Her future is so bright I gotta wear shades."

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