Galliano Apologizes On Charlie Rose


In his first broadcast interview since his dismissal from position as Dior creative director in 2011, John Galliano spoke soberly and candidly with Charlie Rose for an hour last night.

Galliano opened up about the past few years, that fateful night in Paris, and how the incredible pressure he felt from creating 32 collections a year sent him to his breaking point. He talks about identifying with the anguish and depression Alexander McQueen must have felt prior to committing suicide, his own self hatred, and how falling into a drinking and pill-induced blackout was his way to cope.

After a much needed push from Jonathan Newhouse–Conde Nast's International's chairman–Galliano talks about his sobriety (two years and three months), and "atonement" goals, which he states must be met before he will let himself get back into designing. "I am concentrating on recovery daily - that will be a lifetime of work," he said. "I'm trying to make amends. I have upset many people. I need to reach out them... I hope through my atonement I will be given a second chance."

Rose also pushed and probed Galliano about the anti-semitic comments, asking him if he recognized that what he said was "hateful [and] vile." On live television, Galliano apologized multiple times and acknowledged "I do. I apologize. And I am trying to make ammends in the best way that I can." His regret was clear. As NY Mag states, although Galliano's Vanity Fair Profile very aptly characterizes Galliano's deep remorse, there's something far move moving about hearing it straight from the horses mouth." We couldn't agree more.

Clearly, this is an interview worth watching. Galliano is deep into his recovery and talks about dreams of teaching and designing again, but ultimately from the strained and fearful look on his face, we can see that his current focus is on continuing to move forward.

See it in full here.