FW13 Trend Report: Longer Shirt Lengths

April 04, 2013 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Acne & Ann Demeulemeester

Remember when Kanye wore the Givenchy kilt, and everyone was so upset about it? Get ready to see more of that. The kids today are falling in love with Pyrex and shopping exclusively at Oak. If you're just realizing it now then you're a tad bit behind on the times, but it doesn't mean you can't catch up though. In fact, FW13 collections were styled to have loose shirts, cropped jackets over coats, and layering to have the slouchy, drape effect so with this knowledge going forward you're actually on time. Cool?

Avant garde designers that use draping in their styling are partly the spearheads of this new wave. The dark, moody aesthetic is no longer sneered at by menswear snobs that tout functionality and the "can I wear this to work?" dilemma as reasons for adding a particular piece into their wardrobe. Goth ninjas have earned the respect of their peers because of their ability to look masculine, yet chic. In turn, the average joes are now comfortable enough to take a stab at it. It helps that Kanye has been dabbling and tapping into this style. Let's keep it real, many men are influenced by the way Kanye dresses (not 50 despite the Many Men reference) and though they won't wear a skirt, ahem kilt, they will keep their shirt tails loose, and flowing and be damn proud of it.

So now we have FW13. As you would expect, Ann Demeulemeester, Rick Owens, Comme des Garcons, Alexandre Plokhov and the like haven't strayed far from their "bread and butter" designs, but now brands like Acne and designers like Christopher Shannon are taking a stab at the design. Surprisingly enough, it doesn't look out of place. The slim cut (that you can argue makes everything look impeccable) helps create a clean, chic look and appeal. The layering has gone beyond throwing outerwear on outerwear too. The new direction is to have less layering, but longer clothing lengths. Will this just be a fad or is all of menswear jumping on board with this style? Don't go looking for kilts just yet though. Next season, these shirts will be in abundance much like they were in the 90s. Wait, you didn't know the 90s is back?

Meadham Kirchoff & E. Tautz

Comme des Garçons & Christopher Shannon

Alexandre Plokhov & MAN