December 03, 2007 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Polaroid95a.jpgThe fashion industry and Polaroid film have always gone hand in hand. I can't imagine a fashion photo shoot without the anticipation of  the slow developing square-shaped photos that best "cook" when placed in one's armpit. Even in the age of digital photography, there's still a segment of our market that swears by Polaroid cameras for everything from castings, to runway assignments. Polaroid is trying to keep Polaroid's cool factor up with Polanoid—a web site for Polaroid lovers that's out to build the biggest Polaroid picture collection on the planet by asking instant-picture enthusiasts around the world to register and upload pictures for free. Check out their site where you can search their huge archive of pictures based on the many different formats of Polaroid film and cameras. The site can end up being a cool art project or a voyeur's dream, or a little but of both. As the web site proclaims, "This is the slamming comeback of Instant Photo Fun." (via coolhunting)