October 01, 2015 BY CAPSULE

Sometimes, the best things come in twos. This is a belief that Australian eyewear label Pared holds true in many facets of their business. The brainchild of designer Samantha Stevenson and fiancé Ed Baker, Pared launched in 2011 with a vision of providing quality eyewear that features innovative design and distinctly shaped frames. We caught up with Managing Director Ed Baker while at Capsule Show New York to get the low down on Pared, what they have in store for the upcoming season, and his thoughts on wearing sunglasses inside. If you missed Pared in NY- fear not- check them out this week at Capsule Show Paris!

Hey Ed! Welcome to Capsule, can you tell me about the collection and what you’re presenting?

We have our core collection, which is our ongoing range of our best selling shapes and colors. As well as our new Le Disco range, a late 70s/early 80s inspired collection, which delivers in October.

Who are some of the figures you looked to for inspiration from the disco era?

My partner and fiancé Samantha Stevenson (designer) found inspiration from Studio 54, Bianca Jagger, and everything that captures the essence of New York and Los Angeles around that era. The frames are named after famous pairs from the time.

Tell us about the colors and prints you incorporated this season?

Our core collection touches on a lot of fun things like emerald greens, navy, blush, and some ginger colors as well. W e do a lot of lamination and also played with the idea of a new technique; a leather wrapped frame in tan leather and black leather.

Who do you envision wearing your frames when going through the design process?

The beauty about Pared is that my mother wears it, an 18 year-old girl wears it, and anyone can wear it. Our price point is accessible and elevated. Our dream girl would probably be at work, she’d be able to wear them at an office lunch but then wear them at a festival on the weekend; flexibility is key.

For men, I think we have a classic guy who probably wears it at a wedding, at the races, at that sort of key event who’s looking for something that’s a little bit different. We’re actually really trying to do everything in pairs. So the perfect couple I think would be a guy and a girl who have a frame they both love. Our frames are unisex and we like the idea that a couple can either match or have different taste.

How do you feel about people wearing sunglasses inside?

Personally, I feel that it is not appropriate if you aren’t wearing it for optical reasons. However, I feel like eyewear can be a great asset in the same way that a hat can give you an element of protection and comfort- eyewear can actually do that if it’s not heavy.

Words by Adrian Nuñez

Photography by Iva Kozeli